FlyArt-ArtistsFlyArt was developed out of Dalene & Joe Woodward’s love for funky art and retro furniture. They started with a simple framed piece of art and have developed into an E-commerce business. The husband and wife combo personally markets their own pieces in Washington DC, Phoenix (Arizona), Salt Lake City (Utah), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and in their hometown in Gilbert, Arizona.

FLY ART is ‘Funky Shui’

It is art for the person that likes to be a little artistically incorrect and daring.

Each and every piece skips the mass production line and is individually designed, hand processed, and signed by the artist.

We aren’t in the business of perfection. We are in the business of the purity of form that comes with the gentle imperfections of an artists’ hand. That is what makes our art so very Fly!!!

If you are tired of print art, cookie cutter furniture, and mainstream living then get FLY…FLY ART.

Fly Art is the fusion of inspirational art and functional living. It allows you to enjoy one of a kind livable art that you can either order in stock or collaborate with the artist to custom design your signature piece.

We at Fly Art believe art and livable art furniture should be an expression of who you are, one of a kind.

Every product we make is a process of design, development and passion. We specialize in that signature piece that you can’t ever find and can only imagine.